to live and to learn
Jang Dongwoo | 장동우
Infinite's Main Rapper
[ Roleplay purposes only ]

Lay down beside me,
To watch the stars in the sky.
Take a seat by my side,
And we'll watch the world pass by.
Grab hold of my hand
And I will promise to never say goodbye.

- Single; Not looking
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this account makes me miss speaking like an actual human being man maybe i should spend more time here

TO LIVE AND TO LEARN i’m retarded.

slowly melts back into the background ah….h….hhhh…..

this account is actually really lame like i only track three tags and i was neverhacked

this account

is a lonely place


My teacher spent about five minutes alternating between laughing and crying with joy at my subject divider:

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fuck you i look adorable you little shit


you look


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dongwoo-kc replied to your post: dongwoo-kc replied to your post: dongwoo-kc…

i think youre uglier should i make a picture to show you



i’m like kimchi

i may seem hot and spicy at first

then you realise

i’m really just a cabbage